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Stefan Dudda
Stefan Dudda
The Ocean DIve Center in Abu Dhabi is one of the friendliest, most welcoming places in Abu Dhabi. The team of instructors, dive masters and crew are absolutely amazing. There is nothing in recreational diving you couldn't do here AND with more fun. Safety is not just a lip promise here, it is a truly applied concept. Not only I felt very well taken care of also, I learnt many more safety relevant and practical skills. Simply: the great ODC-Team made me a much better and happier diver. Thank you!
Óscar Gil
Óscar Gil
Fantastic place, we got our open water course here with very attentive and supportive staff. We enjoyed every minute of it and they transmitted all the diving skills and principles one can desire. Teresa and Efren are great instructors. We can’t wait to go into the deep again!
Mohammad-Nour Mardini
Mohammad-Nour Mardini
Great stuff
Jimmy T
Jimmy T
Ms Lauren M Berry is a very nice instructor who make me enjoying the whole course and getting skilled as scuba diver. 😊 Thanks.
Soham Natu (Soham)
Soham Natu (Soham)
Perfect Experience. Great Instructors and amazing trainers. Extremely accommodating and very professional. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to get certified in PADI. Special Thanks to Teresa, Lauren, Alla, Bojan and Ahmed. Thank you all for making the whole certification journey such a pleasant experience.
K Taylor
K Taylor
I can't say enough good things about my Open Water certification experience with Efren and Lauren! 🌟 Not only are they highly professional and skilled, but they also know how to inject the perfect amount of fun and care into the process. From the very first day their passion for diving is infectious, and they take the time to ensure you're not just learning the ropes but falling in love with the underwater world. All the staff, including Theresa and the owner ensure a great experience. Thanks, Efren, Theresa and Lauren as well as every member working there, for helping me take the plunge into the beautiful under water world. I love the weightlessness
I just got my open water certification. Very professional instructors I highly recommend
Bashar Alhafni
Bashar Alhafni
The best diving center in Abu Dhabi!!
Etna van der Merwe
Etna van der Merwe
At Ocean Diving Center, my son finished all his practical dives for the Advanced Course. Many thanks to the crew and instructors, especially Lauren, for their professional service, help and support in helping my son to achieve this. This diving center is amazing!
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